Food is Love, Cheese is Forever

January 29, 2019

Take the guess work out of this Valentine’s Day! Our food-service specialists did the work for you by curating an exceptional Valentine's Day Cheeseboard Kit. Sold together in an easy to use kit, all items are expertly paired to keep your guests falling in love.

The Cheeseboard Kit

Originating in France, the soft-ripened St. Angel Triple Crème is a creamy, buttery, cow’s milk cheese. Made using a process called ultra-filtration, which removes water from the milk to concentrate it, this modern cheese is sweet in flavor, and has a tang closer to its thin, white rind, which hints of mushroom and becomes richer as the cheese ages. This melt-in-your-mouth delicacy is unsurpassed enjoyed with a sparkling wine and fruit.



Made in Italy, the Moliterno Tartufo is a raw sheep’s milk cheese that is injected with black truffle once it has aged 5 to 8 months. This unique process allows for the cheese to develop its own sharp flavor before the addition of the earthy truffles. Although truffle is seen in thick ribbons throughout the cheese, the earthy flavor engulfs the entire body of the cheese, creating a visually pleasing and aromatic experience. The flavors combine to produce a grassy tang with a sweet, musky finish. To appreciate its optimal flavor, serve after letting the cheese sit at room temperature long enough for the truffle ribbons to start oozing out of their cracks and pair with honey or a bold, earthy red wine.


Aged for a minimum of 70 days, P’tit Basque is made from pasteurized sheep’s milk on the French side of the Pyrenees mountain range. Traditional techniques used by local shepherds hundreds of years ago are used to make this fairly new cheese type. Semi-firm, smooth and dry, it has a mild, sweet flavor with a nutty finish. It can be paired with a wide variety of foods, from fruit to cured meats, grilled vegetables, French baguettes and most red wines.



Appropriately named, the Noord Hollander is a firm, but creamy Dutch Gouda from Northern Holland. Aged for four years, this cheese is made with the sweetest and richest cow’s milk in all of Holland, which the area is known to produce because of the mineral-rich land. With a golden amber hue, it has a deep, sweet flavor that hints of butterscotch, hazelnut and caramel. Small crystals are speckled throughout the build, and slight notes of bourbon, popcorn and spice are present. Pairing is flexible, with wine, beer, cider and port serving it justice.


Northern California’s Point Reyes Blue is a raw cow’s milk cheese aged for three to six months. Coming from high quality pastures with close proximity to the ocean, the cheese brings out a unique flavor.  Creamy with a medium to strong blue cheese tang, it suggests a fresh sweetness and peppery finish that goes great with sweet and savory foods alike. Pair it with a sweeter white, a full-bodied red or a sparkling wine.




The Pairing Kit

A cheeseboard would not be complete without a few additions to break up the palate. Sour Cherry Preserves complement St. Angel to a fault. Our sweetly tart Membrillo Quince Paste pairs deliciously with P’tit Basque. And buttery, soft and slightly sweet Marcona Almonds? Well, they go with everything.

To get these gourmet cheeses and professionally selected accoutrements delivered in time for Valentine’s Day pre-order the Valentine’s Day Cheeseboard Kit and Pairing Kit with your Premier ProduceOne sales rep by February 4th. Need inspiration for rest of the menu? Ask your sales rep for our “Food Is Love” Valentine’s Day Order Guide for a themed assortment of fresh produce.


Written by Marianna Marchenko