Mad for Melons

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June 7, 2016

This week is "Melon Week" at Premier ProduceOne and we have all the usual suspects plus more! We've taken the liberty of breaking down the descriptions and flavor profiles of each melon... see below. 
The Crenshaw - This melon is a hybrid of the Casaba & Persian and has a yellow and green skin and weighs anywhere from 8-10 lbs. The inside has a dense, tender, peach colored flesh with a sweet yet spicy flavor. When the skin is golden, you'll know it's ripe. #14258   1-6ct
Santa Clause Melon- Imagine a watermelon in the shape of a football... that's the Santa Claus. When you cut into this melon you'll see a greenish white flesh. The flavor profile is mildly sweet but the brighter the yellow of the rind, the riper and sweeter it is. #92247   1-6ct
Galia Melon- Now when it comes to the Galia melon, the texture is very unique. It has a yellowish, orange skin and it appears to be covered in a tan netting. This melon is known for it's memorable spicy yet sweet flavor with tropical notes. The more orange the skin is, the sweeter this melon will taste. #90571   1-6ct
Canary Melon- The Canary melon is around 4-5 lb., oval and smooth. The inside of the this melon is semi firm but juicy, it is compared to the texture of a ripe pear. Expect both a tangy & mildly sweet flavor and you'll know it's at its ripest when the skin is a bright yellow. #14257  1-6ct
Orange Flesh Melon- This melon looks just like a honeydew from the inside out. Its skin is white to pale yellow- green but the inside looks and tastes more like a cantaloupe with its sweet honey melon flavor. #92189   1-6ct
Casaba Melon- Last but not least, we have the Casaba. This melon is gold with a hint of green throughout. This melon has a flavor profile comparable to an Asian Pear, mild & sweet. #14334   1-5/6ct
For those of you who can't decide or are just want to get creative, look out for the Mixed Melon Box that is coming soon! This box will be an assortment of variety melons with unique flavor profiles and color.